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Reaching Forever Upwards
Constructions of stone,
That make you fall to your knees.
Not in awe. In pain.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 1
A Night To Regret
Short dress,
High heels.
Too much drink.
It shows.
He took her home,
And he put her to bed...
She wants to remember what she can't,
And then forget the rest.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 3
Cicadas sing all day,
Crickets sing all day.
Silence isn't real.
Water constantly slips through the clouds,
Falling slowly towards the ground.
Just like a dripping tap.
The Drought is a lie.
The full moon rises,
Giving 10 hours of pure silver.
Sleep no longer exists.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 2
Gone Exploring.. by Mills-and-Boon Gone Exploring.. :iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 4
They told me it was Summer.
The sun was strong and it was hot.
I got sunburt,
It sure felt like summer.
The sea smelled like summer,
So did the sand, the sunblock.
The melting tar on the road did too.
There were bright colours everywhere.
Short skirts, shirt-less guys...
It looked like summer.
It definately sounded like summer.
Cicada's were buzzing,
Radio's were playing cruisy music.
The summer food came out.
We had barbeque dinners,
And ice-blocks in the middle of the day.
But it just didn't seem like summer to me.
Last night...
Eating sausages on bread, hot chips and beer.
After working outside in the hot sun for five hours.
Lifting and lifting, hands and arms aching.
Everyone wearing dirty old jeans and covered in dust.
Country music playing out of the cruiser's speakers.
The rumble of machinery, people shouting instructions.
The smell of hay throughout it all.
All of a sudden, summer was here.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 1 12
The Stories We Tell
It is not a story.
It's one sentence.
Straight forward.
It could be just a touch.
Or even a look.
You don't have to tell a story.
If you think you do,
I don't think I want to know.
I don't think I care.
It shouldn't have to be a story.
If it is:
It's spoiled.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 5
The Blackboard
Old words,
Hidden behind other words,
Shapes and shadows of the past.
They keep building up,
Words piled on top of other words.
Smudges that were never cleaned away properly.
Soon there will be no room for any more.
Just a mess of words,
That should have been forgotten long ago.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 1 5
Just That Little Bit
It’s more than just passion.
It’s more than just pleasure.
Just that little bit more,
Is what keeps me awake at night,
What I want is,
Just that little bit less.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 4 7
All Gone
The empty bottle stands on the table,
Just within reach,
yet, somehow, alone.
Not long ago I watched the bubbles.
Rising from the bottom of the glass,
Making pretty patterns on the surface,
Now the glass is empty aswell.
And I can't help wondering:
When did it all disappear?
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 0
I make a decision that you don't like,
So you change it,
Using any means.
Every time.
It's so much effort --
Too much --
And always for nothing.
I'm giving up.
I can't be bothered anymore.
I just don't care anymore.
Do what you want.
You win.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 2 5
I can't get enough
Of your magical stuff.
I want more.
You can make me feel good,
The way that you should.
I want more.
You can make me sigh,
Then you make me cry.
I want more.
Until you arrive,
I don't feel alive.
I want more.
I could live without you,
I just don't want to.
I want more.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 0 8
You're only here for small amounts of time,
Every second of that is precious.
You were gone for so long,
I missed you.
Now you are back,
I wish you could stay.
I know you will dissapear again,
Maybe you will return after.
But I can't count on you,
Can I?
But that's in the future,
Right now you are here.
And every moment is magic.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 2 5
Rarity Leads to Extinction
They may be few and far between,
And getting more rare every minute.
The bad bits inbetween seem to suffocate them,
And sometimes it's easy to forget that they exist.
But when they pop up out of nowhere,
Those good times are amazing.
But wanting more than just sometimes,
Doesn't mean I want perfect.
All I'm saying is that:
I want it to be worth it.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 1 2
I stand outside.
In the middle of nowhere.
And it's dark.
The sun is gone,
Suffocated by the black clouds.
Lightning jumps across the sky and thunder chases after it.
The rain pounds down.
Surrounding me.
Drenching everything.
Looking up,
I see needles of water racing towards the ground.
But I'm in the way.
It runs through my hair and my clothes,
Fitting it all to my body,
Creating little waterfalls from every end.
The absolute violence of the storm is beautiful.
And scary.
Yestarday I would have said:
Compared to whats going on inside me,
It's calm.
But the storm came a day too late.
I don't need the violent outlet today.
Today I am calm,
Nature is the one out of control.
And it makes me feel even better.
But I still wish the storm had come yesterday.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 2 9
The Choice
She should have given up and walked away. A long time ago.
     But she didn't.
Every second since she realized has been another chance to end it all.
     But she hasn't.
They say she has the power to bring it all to a stop. All she has to do is make that choice.
     But she can't.
It would take so much effort. Energy she no longer has.
She's not that strong. She could never withstand the charm.
And if by some chance she made it, what happens after?
     If she does?
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 1 2
Alone Beside You
I lie curled up for warmth.
On my half.
I don't cross that imaginery line.
No matter how warm you are.
Or how cold I am.
I do not reach for you.
I am worth more,
Than what you give me.
I cannot deal with the pain tonight.
:iconmills-and-boon:Mills-and-Boon 2 5

Random Favourites

The Truth is...
The Truth is,
I tell myself I don't care anymore;
I tell everyone else you don't mater.
But if that was the truth,
I wouldn't be thinking about you from time to time,
I wouldn't have picked up the phone.
The Truth is,
I don't think you know the meaning of the truth any more.
The Truth is,
I wouldn't have tears and fears streaming down my face,
Every time you came around.
I spend to much of my time thinking;
Thinking of who you use to be.
Thinking of what we use to have.
Knowing you will never be my night in shining armer again.
The Truth is,
I wish for this story to have a happy ending,
But know noting can rewrite the past,
I understand im wasting my time,
In reading deeper in to this story,
And I understand I should just close this chapter of my life and move on;
But it seems to have a million pages.
The Truth is,
I use to never want this chapter of my life to come to any ending,
The truth is i could never read this romance story the way i use to,
Now all i can read is a Tragedy.
:iconburnanatorbubbles:BurnanatorBubbles 2 3
All week I have been hearing it. All week I have been ignoring it. But now it is becoming a reality. I finally uttered that ugly word that has tormented my life so often...that hideous word of which I speak is goodbye.
I let myself believe that none of us were leaving. I let myself believe that I would have you all for at least a little longer. As I said goodbye I tried to make believe I would see you again soon. But as I hugged each of you I realized that I might never again hear your voices or see your smiles. All that I have left of you are memories. Once again my fairy tale is broken. Once again I am forced to awake and face reality. Once again I wear a mask of stone while tears flood my heart. Will that horrible word never cease to haunt me?
:iconsilent-warrioress:silent-warrioress 2 15
Mutton Realizes 1 by Starcross64 Mutton Realizes 1 :iconstarcross64:Starcross64 2 17 snowflake by nakedlady snowflake :iconnakedlady:nakedlady 288 56 Trash Can  No. 15 by simpleCOMICS Trash Can No. 15 :iconsimplecomics:simpleCOMICS 13 20 Spring Leaves I by jjuuhhaa Spring Leaves I :iconjjuuhhaa:jjuuhhaa 298 125
I dont care anymore
There is nothing left
For you to take
Can’t you see?
There’s nothing left to break
My body’s failing
Cant you see?
Theres nothing left
To take from me
Im wasting away
I don’t know why you hang around
Your dragging me,
Dragging me down
Just let me go
We don’t belong together
Just let me be
Alone forever
Don’t touch me!
Im sick of you!
You lost your chance!
That much is true!
Shut the fuck up!
I wont care!
I don’t give a damn!
I wont be there!
Im leaving
And I wont stop
Not for you or anyone
Ill go until I drop
Look at my face
I don’t care if you cry
Ive done that plenty
Enough to make me die
Now you’re all alone
Now you know how i feel
For no one to look at you w/ love
Oh yeah, its real
Goodbye. Cause I don’t care.
:iconyazimika:Yazimika 2 0
Little Girl
Have u ever felt
The cool metal
Resting against ur skin?
Have u ever felt
The tears stinging ur eyes
Falling forgotten?
Have u ever felt
So betrayed
You couldn’t stop urself?
Have u ever felt
The searing loss
Of the only one who understood u?
Have u ever felt
The way I do?
No, I think not
Would you ever see
The way I see
The rain pouring from the skies
Would u ever see
The way I see
Two lovers all alone
Would u ever see
The way I see
The ocean pounding at the shore
Would u ever see
The way I see
A little girl all alone?
I thought not…
Could u ever hear
The way I hear
Her sobs echoing in the ruin
Could u ever hear
The way I hear
Her footsteps falling unheard?
Could u ever hear
The way I hear
Her little voice calling for help?
No, I knew u couldn’t
Will u try
The way I’ve tried
To reach out to her?
Will u try
The way I’ve tried
To love her?
No, u wouldn’t
No, you won’t feel
No, you won’t see
No, you won’t listen
No, you won’t try
And I kn
:iconyazimika:Yazimika 2 4
Trash Can  No. 13 by simpleCOMICS Trash Can No. 13 :iconsimplecomics:simpleCOMICS 13 40
What You Want
What You Want
What I want
It doesn’t matter
It’s what you want
That I’ll serve on a golden platter
I couldn’t care less
For what I care
It’s what you want
That’s for what I care
I want one thing
But it disappears
It’s what you want
That reaches my ears
Just cause I want you
Doesn’t mean you do too
It’s what you want
Anything for you
:iconzapoet:ZaPoet 1 0
Atlantis by LadyFromEast Atlantis :iconladyfromeast:LadyFromEast 56 53 nom nom nom PINEAPPLE by Phobic42 nom nom nom PINEAPPLE :iconphobic42:Phobic42 51 6 :-l by kris-wilson :-l :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,426 1,029 mixture by detail24 mixture :icondetail24:detail24 575 77


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Well..... Moved to the big City, and of course changed job with it, been much busier than expected! Had sporadic interwebs until now.

And so many new things to see here...


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